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#projectkwago is a multi-sector drone and can fly safely day or night. It has advance features like pattern recognition, auto take-off and landing, collision avoidance, and ads-b system.

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We are in the drones industry. And safety is a major concern - particularly collisions with airplanes and obstacles. We have developed technology that allows drones to have spatial awareness of obstacles and aircraft around them. #projectkwago can autonomously work without an operator.

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It is an app-based system and can be equipped with a wide range of payloads including thermal imaging camera to detect heat signatures from the ground.

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Project Manager /

Years of UAV operations, project management, production and marketing experience.

Software Architect /

Licensed Private Pilot with Years of software development experience

Hardware and Communications Specialist /

Years of UAV Operator experience, hardware and communications design experience.

Sr. Software Engineer(s) & Support

Melanie C.

Sr. Software Engineer (On-board Software)

Mel S.

Sr. Software Engineer (Server Tech)

Jerome P.

Sr. Software Engineer (Server Tech)

Alex R.

Ground Support Crew

Our expertise can only come from years of aviation experience, drone piloting, software and hardware development; we carry with us a flying vision, bound with an outstanding degree of professionalism, expertise and precision.

2016 UAE's Drones For Good Semi-finalist

Out of 1017 applications from 165 countries, #projectkwago was included on semi-finals of the prestigious 2016 UAE's Drones For Good Awards.


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We work closely with our customers to customize a solution by building our own software and hardware. Clearskies, Inc.'s drones can safely work autonomously with or without an operator.
ADSB Integration
#projectkwago can be used day/night and can be safely flown around full-size aircraft.
It can automatically avoid incoming aircraft and improving safety.
Obstacle Avoidance
With our own on-board computer and our own proprietary obstacle avoidance algorithm, #projectkwago can sense and safely navigate obstacles around it autonomously.
Thermal Imagery
#projectkwago can be fitted with a thermal camera which allows us to detect heat signatures on the ground.
Image Detection and Analysis
We have developed our own image detection and pattern recognition algorithms and can be used on multiple camera types (RGB, Thermal, NDVI).
Integrated Flight Management
#projectkwago drones can be managed from the Kwago mobile app. One or more #projectkwago drones can also be managed from our server technology. It will allow drone operators to manage swarms from a central command and have instantaneous telemetry and sensor feedback from the drones.
Custom Sensors & Payload Integration
Through strategic partnership, we can help you customize and integrate various sensor payloads.
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Our entry to 2016 UAE's Drone For Good Awards that made it to the top 10 out of 1017 applications from 165 countries

Kwago is a Search and Rescue drone specializing in night operations. It is an app-based system equipped with a thermal imaging camera to detect heat signatures from the ground. It also has other features like pattern recognition, auto take-off and landing, collision avoidance, sonars, ads-b system, etc.